As one of the world's first companies to specialize in market-based solutions to our climate change challenges, North American Carbon has pioneered GHG emission reduction trading in various market sectors and across international borders. North American Carbon has been at the leading-edge of greenhouse gas emission reduction creation, quantification, and trading since 1996.

Today, we offer a wide-range of services to small and medium-sized companies as well as large Fortune 500 corporations. Custom-designed services to meet each client's specific needs are our specialty.

North American Carbon brings a wealth of experience to the climate change business.

NAC is the only company to have presented GHG ERC trades to all three major GHG trading pilot programs: the Canadian GERT program, Ontario-based PERT and American Boston-based NESCAUM GHG Demonstration Trading Program. This experience enables the company to develop transactions that have a high degree of likelihood of public acceptability.

Let us guide you and your firm through the world of greenhouse gas emission trading and both the voluntary and regulatory compliance markets.





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